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Testing procedure for fire/flood damaged appliances

  1. All water damaged appliances are thoroughly dried internally and externally before inspection.
  2. All appliances are then subjected to a visual inspection and full Portable Appliance Test.
  3. If the Portable Appliance Test is successful, the appliance is then internally inspected for evidence of water, moisture, carbon, soot etc…
  4. If there is evidence of settlement, it is then removed and restored before a function test.
  5. If the appliance is functioning satisfactory, it is then subject to a full internal restoration and component failure tests.
  6. When the appliance has passed all the above tests, it is then rebuilt and subjected to a further function test.
  7. If the test period is successful and no faults are recorded the appliance is then externally restored.
  8. The appliance is then wrapped in a protective covering and sent for delivery or storage.
  9. All leads ( i.e. scart, RF etc ) undergo visual, function and continuity tests.
  10. All appliances tested by our company are issued with a 90 day guarantee for the work carried out.

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